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Cinematique Instruments – Vertigo Violin (KONTAKT)

Vertigo Violin is a new addition to our symphonic scale. This is an exciting mix of different violin playing techniques that were built into our existing Vertigo Engine. The sound of the Vertigo violin is smooth and rough, which makes it possible to create very unique and soft settings for stringed instruments, as well as more extreme and strange sounds. And all this – as always – is very organic and vibrant. It is so well suited for all types of movie music.

In addition, the Vertigo violin comes with a patent patch that plays a fifth of portamento in up and down variations – all in polyphony from 1 to 8 violins.

Vertigo Violin provides 14 different sound sources:

  • Fragile (1, 3 and 4 players) – played very softly and close to the fingerboard
  • Sul Pont (1 and 4 players) – Played rather harsh and close to the bridgeand bowing noises
  • Harmonics ( 1 and 4 players) – Typical soft flageolet notes
  • Motion (1 and 4 players) – Moving between different articulations like long notes and tremolo
  • Random Bounce (Leap) – Bouncing the bow randomly on the strings or synced in half, 4th and 16th Bounce and bowing noise
  • 3 Resynthesized Violin Sounds – Fragile and Sul Pont sounds send through various modular effects and guitar pedals

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