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Cinematique Instruments – Vertigo Strings (KONTAKT)

We created a new inspiring string instrument that offers a unique approach to easily meet your individual needs.

Essentially, Vertigo Strings is a mixture of 16 carefully selected sounds and instruments that you can mix freely to intuitively and easily bring your creative vision to life. The overall sound is characterized by a deep and rich string ensemble with a special organic aroma.

Vertigo Strings is a collection of many different and interesting sound sources. On the one hand, Vertigo Strings provides a range of articulations for violins, violas, cello or bass, ranging from the fragile ponticello pianissino and regular arches to harmonos and raw legato recordings. On the other hand, Vertigo provides an arsenal of non-Orchestral sounds and instruments that turn out to be interesting and organic. There are bow guitars, tape recorders, a warm synthesizer patch, as well as vintage harmony and much more. All these aspects combine to form a beautiful, rich and organic sound, which is a Vertigo string ensemble.

• 4 different violins (ponticello-pianissimo, arco, draft, harmonics)
• 1 arco viola
• 2 celli (ponticello-pianissimo, harmonics)
• 2 upright basses (draft, arco)
• bowed guitar, psaltery and a vintage harmonium
• a synth string patch, resampled Zilhouette Strings, tape machine re-recorded strings and bowing noises

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