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Cinematique Instruments – Luft (KONTAKT)

We have never heard or played before on such an instrument. It sounds very organic, very lively and, above all, very unique. It sounds like airflow, vibration and proximity.

But if you take a closer look at Luft and see what the original sound sources are with which Luft collects its sound, this is not surprising! Luft is based solely on simple aerophonic instruments. All of them are instruments that emit sound through a stream of air that flows through a vibrating reed or through a hole. To summarize: Backlash consists only of airflow instruments.

In total, there are 34 separate instruments for measuring air flow, which can be divided into 6 categories: fan or pump organs, keyboards such as harmonics and melodies, simple flutes and a church organ with several separate registers. But there are other, less common sounds, such as a water bottle, a hand pipe, a pipe – or a nose flute or a kazu. Some sounds were re-sampled on an old tape recorder, giving them the sound of a Mellotron that captivates the Luft’s overall sound palette.

In detail Luft provides the follwing instruments:

• Church Organ: several register as well as tutti of a church organ from a mid-size town church in Germany
• Fan organs: Hohner Organetta (also via tape machine recorded), Bontempi Hit Organ 1+ 2 and Magnus Harmonica
• Pump organs: a vintage Swiss Harmonica, Shruti Box
• Blowed organs: 3 different Hohner Melodica, Blues Harp
• Flutes: orchestral flute, alto recorder (both also via tape machine recorded), 3 sizes of ocarina, panflute, noseflute and bird flute
• Domestic Tools: broken whistling, water bottle, hand whistle, kazou

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