BVKER – Cheops Serum Bundle (SYNTH PRESET)

Serum is probably the most powerful software synthesizer you can get your hands on. It features an intuitive, easy-to-understand interface and offers almost limitless possibilities. It’s not for nothing that I haven’t released presets for any other VST yet. Grab your copy of the Cheops Serum Bundle and say goodbye to weak preset packs!

The Cheops Serum Bundle combines sounds taken from 6 different kits and is therefore suitable for a variety of genres including Trap, Hip Hop, Pop and Synthwave. It contains a total of 428 stunning presets and 188 bonus wavetables – perfect for anyone who doesn’t rely on loops or MIDI files to create great music.

• 74 808s
• 61 Basses
• 69 Plucks
• 64 Keys
• 54 Leads
• 45 Pads
• 15 Bells
• 10 Instruments
• 27 FX
• 5 Arps
• 4 Drums

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