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Bellatrix Audio – Analog Dreams Vol. 1 – Vintage (SERUM)

Digital synthesizer inspired by analog sound. 100 exclusive presets for Xfer Serum.
We spent a lot of time and effort to find and sample 15 analog synthesizers, and then turn the records into wave tables. And based on these waves, we created two preset banks: Analog Dreams Vol.1 Vintage and Vol.2 Modern. Each bank includes 100 presets with basses, leads, pads, sequences, posters, FX and other sounds.
Wave tables themselves are a special art. Some of them sound very bold and loud, so they are good for leads and basses, others are softer, blurry, distorted for pads and effects. This is a huge palette of possibilities for creating your own sounds.

Synths that were used as a source for wavetables:

• Arturia MatrixBrute
• Arp 2600
• Korg MS-20
• MemoryMoog
• Dave Smith Instruments Evolver
• Korg Minilogue
• Korg Monologue
• Studio Electronics ESX1
• Farfisa
• Roland Jupiter 6
• Oberheim Matrix 12
• Oberheim 2 Voice
• Roland SH 101
• Roland System 100
• Roland MKS 70

Analog Dreams. Vol.1 – Vintage includes:

• 23 Leads
• 17 Basses
• 18 Pads
• 7 Strings
• 14 Plucks
• 13 Sequences
• 6 Synths

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