Beautiful Void Audio – Radio Tape (KONTAKT)

Kontakt collection of distorted sounds from the 20-year-old Radio-shack Vox Voice Recorder.

Sounds fall into 3 categories: Ambient, FX and Synth-like. These sounds include drones, sound landscapes, sounds similar to falling sounds and simply distorted sounds. Most ambient sounds are looped without problems.

Most sounds come from the actual mechanical noise of the recording device, physically playing with the buttons until faulty, strange sounds appear. However, some of the sounds are the sound of distorted sounds on the tape itself as a result of fast-forwarding or sudden deceleration of the tape (enveloped, unrecognizable sounds are sounds included in the Headfhase Audio Reward).

There are some tuned tape environments in which an empty part of the tape was sampled during playback, and static and hum were tuned to major or minor.

There is also a free folder called “Advanced Tools”, which consists of 6 samples and 5 NKI instruments, uncompressed 51.8 MB samples.

• 82 Samples, 326MB uncompressed 28 NKI patches and 4 Multis
• Requires full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 – not for Kontakt Player
• The photosynthesis engine was used for the creation of all Kontakt patches

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