Beautiful Void Audio – Broken Bells (KONTAKT)

Although called Broken Bells, the bells are not the only ones taken. While we tried some traditional bells, we also tried Tibetan singing bowls, kitchen bowls, vases, wine glasses and other random objects that gave a “ringing” sound that we thought was cool. We also bowed to various objects, including the objects mentioned above, as well as the giant tin top hat that once held Christmas popcorn from last year. Broken Bells is the exact opposite of our Talua library, because it focuses on the dark and rusty nature of percussion and curved bells, while Talua carries these instruments with crystal-clear glass, so if you need this rusty and dirty,

Broken Bells marks the direct opposite to our library Talua since it focuses on the dark and rusty nature of hit and bowed bell tones while Talua carries those crystal sounding glass instruments so if you’re in need for that rusty and dirty and also really imperfect bell sounds then Broken Bells is for you.


Broken Bells comes with a simple to use UI only carrying the most essential features like Filter, ADSR, Sound Shaping controls etc. You will see below that it definitely has some interesting features to shape the sounds.


The Shape Controls give you a bit deeper control about the sound of the selected instrument. Note that this works for each instrument individually in case you want to dynamically switch between instruments via Keyswitch and set it up inside one patch. You have control over settings like panorama position, advanced sample start point, volume envelope etc. Besides that is there also a filter part where you can for example apply an envelope to to further shape the raw instrument. We did also not include any further effects like delay, chorus etc. since most of the time our customers are using their own gear or plugins and therefore you only get the most essential tone shaping effects. – Body, which is basically a very short convolution reverb to voluminize the overall sound – Tape,


• 24 Kontakt patches (.nki), 100 Kontakt Snapshots (.nksn), 14 Kontakt Multis (.nkm)
• 498 samples (48khz / 24bit)
• 280 MB (ncw compressed from 0.45 GB of raw data)
• Requires Kontakt 5.8.0 or higher – FULL version only – not for Kontakt Player

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