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Ayaic – Mix Monolith 0.0.11 VST, VST3, AAX x64

Ayaic’s Mix Monolith plugin will automatically mix your tracks! The manufacturer calls the plug-in nothing more than an “automatic track mixing system.” Judging by the demo, this is not a commercial move – the plugin really mixes the tracks by itself!

It works like this – we hang a copy of the plug-in for each track of the mix, then let the “artificial intelligence” listen to the track, press the coveted button “mix track” – and you’re done! Sculpt hits and don’t think about mixing anymore.

This is an “Automatic Mixing System” that allows you to perfectly align your mixes in all conditions. From individual tracks to bus groups, FX channels, and the master fader, the Mix Monolith creates a balanced mix that opens at the touch of a button.

The plugin also features Duck / Expand Groups and Mute Groups to help you free up space in your mixes like never before. The ducking is so precise that if you want -3dB ducking for your bass, this is exactly what you get every time the drum hits. Using band ducking allows the bass drum to release the bass, kick kick, busbar and pump up the whole mix within one band … and it’s all perfect.

Use it on vocals to duck reverb and delay while expanding the gritty vocal distortion to add a connection to louder vocal passages. With so many Duck / Expand groups, you can create exciting mixes in minutes.

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