Avid – Pro Tools HD x64 Portable

The software, which is designed for projects that require maximum sound quality and performance, allows you to create, record, edit and mix for large productions quickly and easily. If you create music or sound for a picture, the right tools can help you achieve high quality mixes faster. Pro Tools 10 is the next generation of the best-sounding, most widely used software in the audio production industry, allowing you to record, create, edit and mix with great speed and ease.
Discover yourself with new opportunities! Pro Tools redefines the world’s most popular, most advanced platform for producing music and audio, providing you with what you need and even much more than you requested.
Work with or without an audio interface. Create stunning, better-sounding mixes with lots of tracks, open your workflow to create projects in other audio and video software – and work with the full line of consoles / controllers of the Avid Artist and Pro series. Using Pro Tools, you can be a composer, recording engineer, edit and mix the way you want, with more features than ever.

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      1. You have to be the most ignorant dipshit. Most modern records are made on Ableton Live, Logic Pro X and FL Studio. Cubase and Pro-Tools are mostly used by people who are stuck with it as back in the day like mid 2000s to 2010-11, other daws weren’t as good and people got used to these and still use these. Today Pro-Tools is just a legacy DAW with a huge number of boomers keeping it still relevant despite it’s performance flaws.

        1. cubase is used more than fl studio,fl is based on looping and most producers find it complicated to record midi in realtime and its display and multi window distracting so people are using cubase big time and logic is the father of all,dont forget studio one is following in a pace that cant be equaled,my point is the three go to daws that all the producers use here in africa start with cubase for window users and logic for mac users,followed by fl studio and studio one,pro tools,cackewals,magix,ableton.reason,reaper is not that popular.

      2. LOL.. right, EVERY electronic artist uses pro tools, not ableton! honey, can I borrow your time machine so I can go back to 1991 too?! LOL

  1. Why do none of these Pro Tools Torrents have the damn plugins that come stock with it?? WTF is the point of downloading this if it doesn’t even have a fuckin click for the click track!?!

  2. nowardays,cubase/studio one /logic/fl studio are the tops the others which people use(the pros still use pro tools and ableton live,the others are good plugins but that are dope are(motu,reaper,magix,cackewalk)

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