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VEEVUM TRILOGY is a collection of ambient / cinematic instruments for modern producers and composers.

VEEVUM ONE presents Roland S-50 samples in 30 Hz and 15 Hz versions.
VEEVA A / D sounds originate from custom patches created using analog and digital synthesizers.

Sound sources – VEEVUM Trilogy offers 3 instruments in one set at once: VEEVUM ONE (LO-FI sampling), VEEVUM A / D (sampling analog and digital synthesizers) and VEEVUM REAL (sampling of acoustic and hybrid instruments). Each instrument can play up to 50 sounds simultaneously (depending on the processor and RAM of the user’s computer).

Unique sound generation – VEEVUM sound sources (100 per instrument) can be selected using special cells or can be randomized. They can also be filtered according to several categories that are specific to each tool. You can also randomize the entire patch, including effects, portamento and unison.

Play modes – When sound sources are selected (up to 50 at a time), they can be played in several ways: RANDOM will select a different (different) sound source for each note played, STACK will play all sound sources at the same time (FULL STACK) or distribute all selected sound sources on the keyboard (SPREAD STACK). FULL STACK can also smoothly play with increasing / fading each sound source with individual Lfo volume to create evolving textures (STACK CURVE MODE).

The Ornamento engine generates additional notes according to user-defined intervals. Useful for animating arpeggios or enriching static lingering pads. Added notes can be quantized according to gamma using Scale Manager to avoid incorrect intervals.

Arpeggio and step effects – VEEVUM contains an arpeggiator that, in combination with the RANDOM playback mode, generates note sequences, each time producing different sounds. VEEVUM also has Step Volume and Step Filter effects.

Convolutionary and randomized effects – VEEVUM includes Convolver with unique impulse response characteristics that dramatically change sound characteristics. A specific Convolver will be active on certain notes when the Random FX function is turned on.

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