Audio Damage – AD037 Kombinat Tri 3.0.4 VST, VST3, AAX, AU WIN.OSX.LINUX x64

From soft toning or adding a bit of sand to completely ruining the waveform, Kombinat Tri is a complete set of sound warfare tools and a complete reconstruction of our popular Kombinat series.

With 13 different parameters in each of the three distortion engines, Kombinat Tri is able to create complex and unique sounds. Want to add ring modulation to the low frequencies, moderate mid-tube clipping, or a bit lowering algorithm for highs? No problems.

The signal structure has a fairly wide palette of sounds, since each segment of the overall effect is a universal tool. At the front end is a full-fledged “DJ-style” equalizer killer of frequencies; it leads to three distorting engines that can be used in multi-band mode for thin surgery or in serial mode for complete signal disruption.
The engines lead to a multi-mode filter with 12 different topologies, and then to the compressor, which we configured for unidirectional operation.

In general, Kombinat is a paradise for sound settings, but it is designed so that it is easy to just take one of the presets and touch it a little in accordance with the material presented.

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