Auddict – United Strings of Europe Basses (KONTAKT)

United Strings of Europe is London ensemble, consisting of young professionals from all over the European Union and Switzerland, with the goal of promoting musical and cultural cooperation at the highest level.

• 6.12 GB (3.03 GB) Compressed
• 6 microphone positions that duplicate the movie’s sound setting, so you can create your own sound to taste. Separate desktop microphones can be used to simulate division.
• Recorded in the world famous Cadogan Hall
• More than 13,000 samples +
• Polyphonic
• Legato
• Tremolo
• Harmonics
• Trills
• Staccato
• Pizzicato
• Sautille

Due to the number of not compressed wav files “On disk for 12,293 items”:
• All samples compressed
• All samples are packed in containers
• Batch ReSave in 5.8.1

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