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Auddict – Angel Strings Vol 1 (KONTAKT)

Angel Strings Vol 1 is a magnificent collection of texture elements for strings / dives, various styles of spiccato / staccato, marcato for soft attacks with sustain, fast tremolo with tempo lock for powerful driving hooks and much more …
Auddict libraries have already been used for outstanding results in film and video games with users like Yasunori Mitsuda, Clayton (Celldweller) and Ronald Bell (Kool & the Gang).
These are strings that you have never heard before … new tricks, eleven microphone positions that can be played with one full keyboard range!

• 36+ GB and 36,000+ Samples
• Never Before Sampled Articulations and Techniques
• Entire String Orchestra Playable from a Single Large Keyboard Range
• Perform and Use Individual Sections if Required
• Kontakt VST / AU / AAX (full version only)
• 11 Microphone Positions – Flexibility of a Real-Life Film Scoring Session
• Violins I, Violins II, Violas, Cellos and Double Basses
• Multiple Crossfade-able Dynamic Layers
• Up to a Massive 15RR Repetitions Per Note for Short Articulations

• Includes Cluster to Unison slides, Tonal Divebombs (smooth / accent / trem), Risers, Marcato / Sus, Percussive Hits, Scratch Tone, Slides / Bends, Staccatissimo, Sul Pont Sus & Trem, Sul Tast Staccato, Behind Bridge Trem & Sus , Timbre Oscillations, Tempo Locked Timed Tremolo and more …

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