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Arturia – Presets Genesis Tribute WIN (SYNTH PRESET)

With the unrivaled Tony Banks behind the keys, Genesis made some of the most legendary keyboards and synthesizers that have ever existed. Now, thanks to the power of the Analog Lab and the untouched Arturia modeling, you can enjoy the iconic sounds of the synthesizer, organ and piano from some of their most popular hits. From the early classics such as Caged and Firth of Fifth to the late 80s, the early 90s show dominance over Jesus I Know, The Invisible Touch, and the Land of Confusion. Skillfully crafted by Nori Ubukat – a sound design legend in its own right – 39 Genesis Tribute presets give you instant access to some of the most famous synthesizer leads, brass instruments, pads, organs, sequences, and even percussion from a 4-decade heritage.

39 Presets

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