Arturia – B-3 V STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x86 x64

The B-3 V organ is an emulation of the legendary electromechanical organ of Hammond, created in 1935. As is known in all Hamond organs, rotating horns were used on the built-in speakers to create the vibrato effect. According to Arturia, they tried to accurately simulate this effect, which allowed us to recreate the unique authentic sound of the B-3 organ.
In addition, the program version of the instrument tried to preserve the specific formation of the timbre of the hamond organs. Instead of saturating the spectrum of the second and third harmonics, the smoothly fading sound of other tone wheels mixed in with the sound of the main tone. Also in the virtual B-3 V, a characteristic distinct attack is recreated, characteristic only of electromechanical organs.
As for the effect of emulating Don Lassie systems, then in B-3, separate switching of the rotation of the horns, adjustment of the rotation speed, change of acoustic design, microphone position are available. In addition, there is a revolutionary reverb with 20 presets, based on the work of a spring reverb with vintage amplifiers of the time.
Of the modern capabilities, the program version of the organ received three additional modes that automate changes in the position of the drawbar handles. Envelope, LFO, and step sequencer automation is provided here. In addition, some specific settings were added that allow you to adjust the attack and attenuation, saturation of the spectrum, click when attacking and leakage currents.

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