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Analog Obsession – DYNASAUR 1.0 VST, VST3, AU WIN.OSX x86 x64

DYNASAUR – virtual dynamic equalizer. DYNASAUR is the best helper to tame your annoying frequencies. Dynamically control your equalizer or create sound using a purely static equalizer. Use it as a de-esser, multi-band compressor or peak rider!

• 5 band dynamic equalizer with 2 shelves and 3 peaks
• Adjustable Attack (1ms to 50ms) & Release times (30ms to 3sec)
• Adjustable Ratio (1: 2 to 1:20)
• 60 dB Threshold range
• Static boost / gain recover +/- 24dB
• Low Shelf: 20Hz to 1kHz
• Low Mid: 400Hz to 3kHz
• Mid: 1kHz to 8kHz
• High Mid: 3kHz to 15kHz
• High Shelf: 8kHz to 20kHz
• Bandwidth (Mids): 5 Oct to 0.4 Oct
• Bandwidth (Low & High): 5 Oct to 0.4 Oct (Instead regular bandwidth control, it will set energy for low-end and high end.)
• Gain: +/- 24dB (As static eq or gain recover)
• Mode: RMS & PEAK (RMS will detect your frequencies’ RMS level and set your gain reduction according to RMS. PEAK detects peak levels to set your gain reduction.)
• Readout for better parameter tracking

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