Amazing Noises – Grain Scanner v1.1 ALP Ableton

Grain Scanner allows you to create experimental noises, glitches, alien textures and massive clouds of the environment. Its advanced sound engine turns any sample into a blank sheet for the otherworldly parts of the synthesizer.
The Grain Scanner, consisting of a 10-voice polyphonic granular synthesizer and re-synthesizer, cuts the samples into small fragments, then reorders and reproduces them in many ways. The result is a sound that lives somewhere between organic and synthetic.
Grain Scanner is designed to create intuitively changing textures that change in a complex and unpredictable way. Its advanced granular mechanism can simultaneously reproduce up to 1000 microscopic sections of a sample. A special modulation page contains four LFOs. Modulate each of the 10 voices individually or modulate global parameters using up to four modulation sources simultaneously. And its step-by-step sequencer and a separate effects panel will allow you to further improve the sound.
The pack includes over 100 presets for the game and a database with dozens of source sounds, ready for bending, twisting and transforming. You can also import your own samples to create a completely individual sound. Moreover, Grain Scanner was created taking into account Push and other keyboard controllers, so you can easily start creating melodies and harmonies with sounds that you developed yourself.

• 1 Max Devices
• 118 Presets
• 1 Live Sets

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