Adam Monroe Music – Beats Drum 2.6 VSTi, AAX, AUi WIN.OSX x86 x64

The Beats Drum sample library was created by sampling 3 drum kits + 14 different snares using various combinations of drum heads and settings in an acoustic environment. The end result is a large library of drum samples with swappable parts that sound great regardless of the combination.
The overheads consisted of a pair of Shure SM81, bass drums were recorded on Audix D6, snare drums were recorded on Shure SM 57, and various local microphones were used to amplify the sound of the toms if necessary. A wide selection of snares was sampled: Ludwig Acrolite, Black Beauty and Supraphonic. Vintage drums such as Rogers Powertone (wood), Rogers Dynasonic (brass) and Slingerland Radio King. Modern snares from Mapex Black Panther, Pque Little Squealer, Pearl Sensitone Classic II, Pearl Chad Smith Signature, Yamaha Tour Custom, Ludwig Accent, as well as some cheaper snares such as Yamaha YD and PDP Double Drive.
Drum whales consisted of Yamaha Tour Custom, Ludwig Accent and CB. Different volumes were tuned and sampled with different skins, as well as with different levels of jamming. Plates – Zildjian A Customs (Crash, Ride, Hi-Hats, Splash, China), New Beat Hi-Hats and Paiste Ride Cymbal

• 30 Drum Presets Including 36 Snares, 27 Bass Drums, and 22 Toms
• 3X Round-Robin, 10 Velocity Layers, Right and Left Drum Samples
• Customize Every Kit, Build User Kits, Routing and Processing Control
• Over 5 GB Of Sampled Drums and Over 500 Drag-And-Drop Midi Beats
• Supports 44.1, 48, 88.2, and 96 kHz

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