Adam Monroe Music – Adam Monroe’s Electric Bass 1.3 VSTi, AAX, AUi WIN.OS Xx86 x64

Electric Bass was sampled from Yamaha BB424x electric bass. The bass was modified so that individual pickups were connected to independent sockets, which allowed independent sampling of pickups from the bridge and Neka. The volume and tone knobs were bypassed, so resistors were installed in their place to minimize the sound of the “ice strike”. Then the pickups were connected to separate active direct boxes Radial 48 and preamps Grace 101, which provided additional amplification.
Sampling began with the recording of 4 layers of Velocity and RR. The sound of bass strings retained brightness and freshness. Almost the entire bass was sampled in this way, but the results were unsatisfactory, so it was sampled from the very beginning with 10 layers of velosity.
The notes were then subjected to a fierce attack, so playing at low values ​​of Velocity generates a warm sound with a subtle attack, and notes with a higher speed become more stressed. Playing softly or hard, mixing pickups from a Nek and a bridge and applying an equalizer, you can get different tones. Nevertheless, it was supposed to create a good-sounding “useful” bass that fits easily into the mix, and offer the user a standard bass that can serve as reference material for other bass libraries.
The Kontakt version of Adam Monroe’s Electric Bass is cross-platform and all programming and effects are implemented through it.
Versions of VST, Audio Unit and AAX include updated high-performance algorithms that have been improved with each new virtual instrument released by Adam Monroe Music. For example, the buffering algorithm is double buffering and multithreading, which means high buffering performance even on slow computers.

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