Acon Digital – Acoustica Premium Edition 7.3.1 x64

Acoustica Premium Edition is a professional software that will allow you to conduct audio recording, editing and mastering at a high level. I would like to note the intuitive interface in which it is pleasant to work.

It has been designed so you can get up to speed and get started as quickly as possible with access to powerful tools. All audio files that you have edited can be immediately burned to a CD, while you will have the opportunity to add various sound effects to the track.

Please note that the program supports work with different acoustics from 5.1 to 7.1, and the maximum sampling rate is 384 kHz. You can customize the toolbar and menus, if you want, you can use the undo button, Acon Digital Media Acoustica provides standard tools for editing a track, you can cut, copy, paste and edit tracks.

There is no Russian support, but as mentioned above, this is not a problem, it is also worth highlighting the low consumption of computer resources and an excellent result in the output.

Key features:

• Record and playback through any compatible Windows (MIT) or ASIO compatible audio devices
• Supports multi-channel editing up to 7.1
• Supports sampling rates up to 384 kHz and resolution up to 32 bits
• Timer and input level of triggered recording
• Software emulation with automatic pre-amplification
• Customizable menus and toolbars
• Unlimited undo or redo
• Ultra Fast editing
• Standard cut, copy, paste and Mix editing
• Drag and drop – drag and drop editing
• Labels and markers support
• Cleanup wizard
• Various time formats such as sample index, SMPTE, bars and bits
• Tracks can be saved as separate files

Real-time analyzers

• Visual peak RMS level meter
• FFT analyzer
• Phase correlator
• Time display display


• Fourier spectrum
• Fourier spectrograms (2D, time-frequency section)
• Wave sections (based on Morlet waves)
• Statistics (RMS, DC offsets, loudness peaks, etc.)
• Automatic track division

Plug-in Suites (integrated)

• Studio Clean for audio restoration (VST and DirectX)
• Studio Time for time stretching / shortening and pitch bend (DirectX)
• Studio Necessities for mastering and sound design (VST and DirectX)

Tools and plugins

• Effect editor
• DirectX ® Plug-Ins
support • VST Plug-Ins support
• Effects audition in real time
• New Preset Manager lets you save custom effect presets
• High quality time stretching (Studio Time)
• Freehand volume curves
• Fade inputs and outputs with four different curves
• High quality format conversion
• Wobble and noise
• Channel Mixer for stereo adjustments Audio


• Noise and crackle removal (StudioDeclicker)
• Noise reduction (StudioDenoiser) based on spectral subtraction
• Automatic noise reduction that does not require a separate analysis of the noise profile
• Parametric equalizer with graphical display of frequency characteristics
• Synthesis of high-frequency components gives life to old recordings
• Automatic removal of DC offsets
• Stereo amplifier
• StudioDeclipper


StudioVerb, StudioDelay, StudioModulator – flanger, chorus and phases, StudioDynamics, StudioLimiter, StudioPitch, Harmonizer

Reads and writes of the following file formats:

• Ogg Vorbis format (OGG)
• Wave audio format (WAV)
• Windows Media Audio (WMA)
• MPEG Layer 3 (mp3)
• BC Audio Format (AC)

Import audio tracks from the following video file formats:

• MPEG Video (MPG or MPEG)
• Windows Media Video (WMV)
• Audio Video Interleave (AVI – additional codecs may be required)


• Support for LAME (mp3) codec, if installed
• Editing file meta information: name, MP3 format (ID3Tag), WAV and OGG.
• Support for ACID information
• Preview button in the file open dialog

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