Accusonus – Rhythmiq 1.0.7 VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64

Accusonus Rhythmiq: bit generator with machine learning function. Generates an infinite number of the most diverse rhythms and beats.
Accusonus Studio introduced the Accusonus Rhythmiq plug-in, a tool for creating beats based on machine learning. The plugin is equipped with a smart engine that generates an infinite number of a variety of rhythms.

Like most Accusonus developments, Rhythmiq offers a simple and intuitive interface. At the heart of the plugin is the Beat Assistant virtual assistant, which operates in three modes – IQ Evolve, IQ Arrange and IQ Reverse. The modes work in parallel, and users can independently choose which mode sound will prevail in the final signal. Each mode is associated with its own audio file, which must be selected before starting work.

The engine automatically cuts the downloaded audio into small segments, after which the machine learning algorithm analyzes the composition of each segment. In the future, users can change the duration of notes, pause individual audio files, exclude certain sections from playback. With the help of machine learning, the plugin finds beatings and build-ups in the downloaded audio and can automatically arrange them within a bit. According to the developers, the saved beats and beats open up access to improvisation and jams using Accusonus Rhythmiq.

The plugin supports MIDI and contains its own custom sound mapping scheme. Thanks to this, the plugin can be used to play drum parts or play pre-prepared beats. Moreover, Rhythmiq can analyze the MIDI drum track and diversify it with new sounds and beats based on predefined settings. The developers note that all the changes in bits offered by artificial intelligence take into account the tempo, nature of the bit, and the intensity of the entire track.

There are not as many settings as we would like – Accusonus note that Rhythmiq is more about random beat generation than about working on predefined patterns. Nevertheless, the plugin saves the history of the generated bits so that the user can return to them at any time.

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