Abstract – Breakbeat Experiments (WAV)

Sounds inspired by a retro futuristic cocktail of breakbeat, electro and acid 90s. The pack is filled with complex drum loops, cosmic synth sounds, hypnotic melodies, electro bass and acid loops.

90s-inspired retro-futurism that blends breakbeat, electro and acid. Packed with complex drum workouts, cosmic synth sounds, hypnotic arps, acid sequences, electro basses and functional FX, this collection of loops and samples s is a great source of inspiration.

If you produce anything from Techno, Breakbeat, Electro, Tech House, Garage to Minimal you will definitely find something interesting in here for you. All loops are served at 128bpm. All melodic loops are-key labeled.

Drum Loops -> From classic breakbeat and electro drums to glitchy experiments. All beats come with a full mix plus stripped variations (kick, snare, hats, no kick, percussion)
Synth Loops -> Dark and trippy arpeggios, alien synths and mind-altering sounds.
Bass Loops -> From classic electro basses and heavy gritty sequences to dubby subs
Acid Loops -> Inspirational acid-style loops and sequences.
FX -> Glitchy hits, processed noses and crashes, vinyl backspins, scratches, stops and starts
Single Hits -> A ultra usable collection of Kicks, Claps & Snares, Hats, Percussion and Bass

• 126 Drum Loops
• 35 Synth Loops
• 31 Bass Loops
• 10 Acid Loops
• 23 SFX
• 10 Bass Hits
• 10 Kicks
• 14 Claps & Snares
• 12 Hi-Hats
• 10 Percussion

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