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8Dio – Studio Steel Drum (KONTAKT)

8Dio Studio Steel Drum is an extreme steel drum with deep sampling.

The instrument consists of more than 55,000 samples, 5 true vintage microphone positions, 2 world-class reverbs (Bricasti & TC6000).

8Dio Studio Steel Drum has been specifically designed for 8Dio. We wanted the instrument to cover all ranges from low to high frequencies, but put them in a single steel drum. We tried the tool with several types of hammers (for example, beater, felt hammer, brushes, brushes, nails, rattles, effects, etc.). Up to 10 speed layers and 10 repetitions.

We recorded an instrument with four versions of vintage microphones, including Neumann, Neve, Coles, Royers. Also included is a mixed microphone, which loads as the default setting.

• 55,814 samples. 12.7 GB (compressed from 32 GB)
• 5 microphones (including Neumann U87, Coles, Neve, etc.)
• 2 professional reverbs (Bricasti and TC)
• up to 10 dynamic layers each with up to 10 repetitions
• Prepared articulations ( eg hands, nails, percussion FX)
• Intuitive and advanced 3D controls and interface
• Advanced chaos effects systems

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