8dio – Solo Violin Designer 2.0 (KONTAKT)

SOLO VIOLIN DESIGNER is a massive collection of more than 4,000 phrases performed by renowned concert violinist Thomas Yee. The library’s intention was to fully sample the solo violin, creating an incredible collection of musical phrases. We programmed the library so that you have maximum control over phrases and literally allow you to create 100% realistic solo performances on the violin. It was specifically designed to complement and in some cases replace existing solo violin libraries.
SOLO VIOLIN DESIGNER comes with various tools for creating phrases, including pitch control, time stretching / time compression, sample shifting (which allows you to “scroll” any phrase and play any part, effects and convolutional reverb.
Tempo does not affect pitch control tones, therefore, by controlling the pitch, time stretching / compression, and sample offset, you can substantially adapt the phrase to match the pitch and tempo of the composition.
In addition, we have added many other features. You can control the dynamics, attack and release of each sample. You can control the equalizer (high, medium and low), gate and filtering. You can also control various effects directly from the keyboard, including delay, reverb, distortion, rotator and we have added a powerful collection of custom impulses.
Important Note: SOLO VIOLIN DESIGNER is phrase-based.

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