112dB – Mikron Bundle VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

The 112dB Mikron series is all about simplicity. We believe that too many features can get in the way of the creative process. Simply put: More features also means more customization and the need to delve into all sorts of technical details. And that often distracts you from what it’s about: making music. You really don’t need so many knobs to get great sound. Guitar effects pedals are a great example of this. Their limited functionality is more than offset by the enjoyment of use. Or do you really believe that Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain would make music better if they only had these few extra controls on the pedals? Constraints often inspire creativity rather than block it.

• 112dB Mikron Cascade v1.0.5
• 112dB Mikron Chorus v1.0.1
• 112dB Mikron Compressor v1.0.2
• 112dB Mikron Crusher v1.0.1
• 112dB Mikron Delay v1.0.6
• 112dB Mikron Orbiter v1.0.1
• 112dB Mikron Phaser v1.0.1
• 112dB Mikron Reverb v1.0.2

The 112dB Mikron Cascade is the perfect tool for creating atmospheres, ambiences and drones. It scatters any incoming sound into a vibrant, lush, warm “sound cloud”. Modified delay models have been specially designed to create organic kinematic atmospheres. A slight detuning of the source material can cause some tension in the sound.

112dB Mikron Chorus – Inspired by Juno, a chorus effect found in the Roland Juno synthesizer, and 70s / 80s Boss / Roland pedals. It has the same signal routing as the Roland / Boss CE2 and the spectral characteristics of its delay chips. The Mikron Chorus has the same ease of use as the pedals that it was inspired by.
Mikron Chorus adds customizable delay time, feedback and amount of effect. This not only gives you more flexibility, but also allows you to use the Mikron Chorus as a flanger, setting up a shorter delay time and adding feedback. Last but not least, there is a stereo mode that you can use to add extra dimension to your choir.

The 112dB Mikron Compressor is an easy-to-use compressor that can operate in a very transparent mode to a warm and powerful character. It is somewhat similar to the previously released Big Blue Compressor. Mikron has the same sound, but its tuning is narrowed down to a few buttons. Despite its apparent simplicity, it still offers a lot of flexibility. With shorter attack times, the sound will be clear and smooth. A longer attack, combined with a Choke pen, will allow you to achieve a vintage-style coloration. To create New York Compression, you can use the Mix knob. The 1 millisecond delay is not only suitable for mixing and mastering, but also for live performances.

112dB Mikron Crusher – Gives you an easy way to add some charm to 80s samplers by reducing the bit depth and sample rate. The Japanese call it “wabi-sabi”: a little flaw will make something much more interesting. Or use it to completely destroy your sound. We would say that destruction can be constructive. The controls are simple, but the algorithm is not.

112dB Mikron Delay – The Mikron Delay was inspired by the classic bucket brigade delays and tape delays of the past. We have not tried to emulate one of these classic models, but have tried to capture the basic elements of these devices that make them sound so incredibly fantastic. Instead of a perfect emulation of one particular device we admire, we’ve made a “flexible vintage delay”: to give you the ability to use all the cool “tricks” of these old machines to create your own old-school

112dB tape Mikron Orbiter – A plug-in that simulates string synthesizer effects processors Eminent Solina and Unique 310
The Mikron Orbiter was modeled after the unique electronic organ of the Eminent 310: chorus, tremolo and ensemble. Of these, the ensemble effect is by far the most famous, in large part because not only Eminent uses it. The strings of the eminent Eminent organ were so popular with musicians at the time that the ensemble section was reused to form the core of the Solina strings (renamed ARP String Ensemble in the USA).

112dB Mikron Phaser – Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Virtual Pedal Phaser Simulator
The effect became especially famous thanks to the French composer Jean Michel Jarre, who used it extensively in his recordings as a synthesizer effect. But of course it has been used by countless legendary bands on guitar as well. If you ask us, the Small Stone Phaser is without a doubt the best phaser ever made. It has a sleek, vibrant seventies sound that never gets old, and is equally suited to guitar and synth, and let’s not forget the bass.

112dB Mikron Reverb – lets you create incredible spaces with a few simple functions. The plugin has a “smart algorithm” that takes over the hard work
112dB announced that their popular Redline Reverb now has a little brother, the Mikron Reverb. It has a simplistic pedal-like design that speaks for ease of use. Most of the parameters of the older version are hidden behind a few controls, and you can get the same high-quality sound without being distracted by details.
Mikron Reverb contains a kind of “smart algorithm” that determines the ideal parameters for different spaces, so you can always get a great sounding reverb, no matter which knob you turn. It is said that very long tails can be made with the plugin, which allows it to be used to create atmospheric sounds.

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